Monday, April 4, 2016

Sanctify Yourselves: Tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you

General Conference, am I right? SO GOOD. Just thought I would start out with my thoughts/experience with that because it's the highlight såklart. 

I had a lot of questions and I feel like I got some solid answers. It's really cool how sometimes the direct words are the answer and sometimes it's the impressions you get during the talk- such as names that come to mind. I was really wondering what God wants my next step to be and what goals he wants me to have so I don't come home without direction. That's been my biggest struggle, lately, is just wondering how life will be as fulfilling as it is here. It'll take more effort, I suppose, but tomorrow looks bright for me, no matter what country I'm in :)

I wish I had more time to go through all the talks because I learned so much from every single one, but I'll just say some of the themes I noticed and were helpful for me. I absolutely LOVED the talk about really knowing we are children of God. It's so interesting that we can and should define ourselves by the very thing that we all have in common. I think that's a big message in itself, that if we realize we are children of God then we will realize that every person on earth is, not in a negative way but in a positive way! And that knowledge cannot leave a life unchanged. I also loved Elder Bednar's talk, I especially liked how he talked about how the Holy Ghost can burn evil out of us like fire burns things clean. I really love imagery, so that really stuck with me. And OH MY GOSH the talk about Resurrection. So incredible. I love the quotes used from the daughter that was sick with cancer, how she didn't say, "I wish He would heal my cancer" but "He ALREADY HAS healed my cancer." I never thought of it that way before, that he has healed us - because he provided a way for us to be whole, whether we experience that in this short lifetime or in the life hereafter. It takes trust but gives so much hope! And of course, Elder Holland's talk was awesome and I love that he talked about the application of all the talks and being hopeful, not discouraged. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it too. :) I still need to watch women's conference. 

But as far as this week goes, we said goodbye to Sofie and I already really mis her. She went to the states and will get back right after I go home. :( Thank goodness for SKYPE. It was Elder Payne's birthday so we made some Oreo balls. I'm so glad my companions can bake haha. I have no idea. We met with a Russian guy and he was really interested, and we have a member that served in Russia so it was really fun for him to use his Russian. 

I think that's pretty much all I have for this week. I am just feeling WEIRD. Part of me feels like going home is a weird myth and another part of me knows it's coming and recognizes this week as my last full week of being a missionary. The thing that makes me the most sad is the license the missionary name-tag seems to give us to meet new people all the time and to tell them how much God loves them and that He's real and is anxious to help. I've found the joy that's promised in the call letter I received and I can say that I have felt more joy out here than I had ever felt previously. I think that helps me realize that this mission really has been a success. But nooo worrieeessssssssss, I will give this last week all I have and I will send my last email next week! 

Love you guys so much! 

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