Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Alyssa's Email (11/19/2014)

I loved hearing some of the updates! GO UTES! Can anyone tell me how XC is going/went? I don't know anything anymore haha. I love that Ukraine elder! He gave me hope that I could learn the language and that even though it won't be perfect, the spirit will testify through me! I want to see a picture of Hannah! Is she super blonde now our what? Platinum?! Haha what's the plans for the holidays?! I'm so glad to hear everyone is reading/rereading Mormons Bok! It is the most powerful tool we have for conversion! And we ourselves always need to be more converted.

The language, here's the thing. I am good at memorizing and pronunciation, so I can get my point across, but I really struggle with sentence structure and grammar, I understand it but applying it is terrible. So our teachers really cracked down on us for that this week, and I got really upset, because after you think of how to say it correctly, the moment is passed and it's really just not worth it. I know Heavenly Father will help me though, and hearing them speak it will help a lot as well. I was thinking of what I need, I need hats, boots, gloves, (warm stuff) socks... Can you send me insanity???? And maybe some Trio bars???? haha I am so needy. :) I'm thinking of what else I need! ummm....

This week was pretty rough to be honest. I got sick, and my companion got super sick. We went to the doctor three times, urgent care once, and the ER. I just got a stomach bug but she was in a lot of pain. When you're a missionary you're so sensitive to people's needs and feelings. So it was so hard to see people so sick and so sad. I feel like I'm starting to see them a little more like Heavenly Father does than I did before, with such love and such potential. Also, being out of the MTC made me think about what I'm going to be doing soon. I'm so excited and I already LOVE the people in Sweden so much!!!!!!

Ok so a cool story about following the spirit: We were teaching a pretend "less active member" (our teacher) and he told us how he hadn't come for 20 years and his wife wasn't a member she couldn't stand the church. So our pretend "member friend" said he felt inspired to say, "Will you come to church? And will you invite your wife?" I thought that was so weird because he just said how much his wife didn't like the church, but as he began explaining the story about his wife, I felt inspired to tell about how mom prayed for dad's heart to be softened and after a year of daily prayer, he was open to hearing more about it. And he said "Thank you for sharing that, that gives me so much hope!" So it was cool to see how the spirit knows what is needed, even when it doesn't logically make sense. I know it's fake, but that will be so crucial when I am teaching people. Language is not perfect. There is so much miscommunication in spoken language, and way more when I'll be speaking a second language. But the spirit is the only way this works. I don't know what people need, but God does. I'm not a powerful teacher, but the Holy Ghost is. Elder Bednar said that when investigators are asked about their experience with the missionaries they say "It was confusing, they talked about a bunch of different topics and Joseph Smith and it didn't make total sense." Elder Bednar asked them, "Then why did you have them come back?" And they say, "Because of how I felt." 

Last night was fantastic. LINDA K BURTON CAME! Who is my hero!!!!!!! And she talked all about the Atonement and said "Jesus Christ is the bridge between Heaven and Earth." He truly is. It reminded me of a time I was talking to Hannah about the Atonement years ago. "Hannah you know that through Christ we can be forgiven for our sins and be clean again, right?" "Yeah, I know that!" "Do you know that because of Christ we can have strength when things are hard? And feel better when we had a bad day? If we pray he can give us peace?" And her eyes got big and she was so fascinated, "Really?" I remember I just loved Hannah so much, I wanted her to know that she never has to go through difficulties alone! She can ALWAYS rely on Christ, who knows and loves us perfectly. We all can. I thought about all the change the gospel requires of people, and I really will be asking for people to change their lives, but it's all out of love! When we are converted and when we truly love people, we will WANT to share that knowledge of our Savior and his Redeeming and Enabling power, and that we are not alone. 

I love you all so much! :) Have a fantastic week! I CAN'T WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And skype soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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