Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What think ye of Christ? (10/29)

Hello family! I wrote you all a letter so I hope you get that soon! Make sure to send this to Jenni too because I forgot her email.

If Anders got me some referrals, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Who has connections to Sweden? That's right. My brother does. I'm so happy Dad and Zach got to go hunting. It's nice to get away sometimes, I'm actually really jealous! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? You all know mine, flying to Sweden! So you asked about the exercise, there are two Swede Aldstes that are crazy about exercise so sometimes I do workouts with them. Sometimes I run on the track, I ran a 6:40 mile and was happy about it, pretty pathetic. My arms are actually getting bigger from pull-ups and push-ups so that's pretty awesome. I couldn't go anywhere for exercise this week really because my companion has been sick so I just jumped rope in the hall. I love my exercise bands too. If you could send me vitamins that would be awesome! The food is hit and miss here so I feel like I could use some. Also, my asthma has been really pretty bad. I think I got dehydrated so I started drinking a ton of water (and yes, salt too Mom! :)) so that's helping some, but if you could pray for that, it would be fantastic. And Dad, I'm sorry BYU football is going terribly. I would love for you to go to a UTAH game, I think you'd really love it. And please keep Dear Elder-ing me! I look forward to it soooo much! Everyone hates me because I always have Dear Elders and packages :) (Ma sent me some chocolate!)

So this week was kind of crazy! Most of our zone is gone (Dutchies), so now it's just Swedes and Nords basically, and we are the oldest even though we've all only been here two weeks. My district is an incredibly good district, we work so hard, and both the zone leaders and STLs are in my district so we've been even more dedicated and focused with their calls. We also got a new branch president, and he reminds me just of President Hinckley! He looks just like him and smiles all the time like him. I'm excited about the changes, we will welcome in so many new Dutchies today.

So the highlight of my week was Sister Wixom (Primary General President) coming, last night. So first, some background of my week and how she was an answer to my prayers:

I started thinking about the theme in conference which I think was "care more about what God thinks than what man thinks." I started thinking about all my weaknesses and what makes me upset, and it all has to do with focusing on what people think, such as comparing myself, seeking praise, and so on. It hit me so hard, I am not really worrying about what God thinks of me, and making decisions based off that. I remembered what the President Fitts said, "Look to your Patriarchal blessing for a better understanding of who you are." Do you remember that? So as I read, I learned it talks about being close to him or coming to him for strength 13 times. To me, that's a ton. I've started asking myself during the day, "How can I please Him?" and it has led me to so much happiness. I also read this scripture that went along with the same idea, 2 Nephi 3:8
talking about Joseph Smith and it stood out to me so much, "will make him great in mine eyes." We don't make ourselves great in his eyes. I want to Him to make me great in his eyes.

So Sister Wixom talked about Christ. She kept asking, "What think ye of Christ?" She told a story when she was a missionary at a grocery store and a man said "That man on your chest is my best friend." And she said, "He's my best friend too." And he said, "I can tell by how you talk to your daughter." SO POWERFUL. First, is Christ your best friend? Second, how do you let people know? Something to think about. 

I hope someone can let President Fitts know that he was absolutely inspired when I got set apart. The three things he said that stood out to me this week were 1. obey the rules even when you don't intellectually understand 2. learn who you are from your patriarchal blessing and 3. learn from your companions

I am learning so much from my companion, teachers, and people in my zone. I love them and I love the friendship we have in the gospel, but I want you all to know that the time I spend in personal study is the most precious time I spend here. I feel that God really speaks to me here, and teaches me and corrects me. I value that. I know it's much harder for you all, but I hope you can set aside some really disciplined, uninterrupted time with your Heavenly Father. He has so much to teach you, and nothing is more important. 

I'm doing really well. I wish you were all here with me. I miss you all so much and I know I'm going to have a really hard time during the holidays, but I hope you have so much fun! 

I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. We watched the movie this week and I could never deny the testimony I've gained of the restoration of the gospel. The Book of Mormon is such evidence of the divine calling Joseph had. The Book of Mormon is true, and has answers upon answers in it's text. I hope you're taking advantage of the time God can speak with you through the Book of Mormon. I know God blesses his missionaries. It's such a wonderful thing to know that the world is praying for us, and we qualify for so many blessings when we wear this name tag. The spirit is here so strong. This church is true, and Christ stands at its head. There is no greater cause to live and endure for than building up His kingdom on Earth. 

Let me know what you think of my emails, I hope I'm telling you things you want to hear. I just feel like what I've learned is the most important. Swedish is going so well!!!! It's been a blast to learn it. I think I'm going to try a day in all Swedish here soon, wish me luck. 

Also, Candace got her mission call!?!?!?!?!? Tell her to write me, I want to hand write her. She is such a powerful example. Try to think of more that's going on! I feel out of the loop!

Love you all so much,

Syster Stetler

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