Friday, December 18, 2015


Well, remember how my entire mission has been a straight line down Sweden? The trend continues. I am going to..... KRISTIANSTAD. Christian Town. Hopefully that's an accurate name haha. It's about 40 minutes north of Malm√∂. Just look it up on a map. :) I am going with Sister Woolsey (who came with Sister Jackson) and she is super cute. I am replacing Sister Kimball. I definitely knew I was going there because I could eliminate every where else because I have already been close to there or I have already had that companion. I'm definitely OLD in the mission. But it's sunnier there and smaller... and it is known for having a TON of Chileans. And for PDAY I will be able to go to the Denmark temple! I was actually really sad when I found out I was going there, but I am a lot more excited now. 

But I am definitely still super sad to leave Stockholm. I cried at church. :( And at the Pence's. 6 months is a really long time! I bore my testimony and just stood there and looked at everyone and thought about the amazing examples they have been to me and how much they have taught me. I HAVE TO COME BACK. God blessed me so much for the last Sunday. A guy came up to me and said, "did you leave a cake at my house?" I was so confused, but it was a less active that I have swung by so many times and he was there! ____, an investigator, CAME. And he loved it! And the investigator that the Guerra's invited over after stake conference! He came too! And we had a lesson with him and at the end he told us he wants to get baptized. IT WAS MAGICAL. 

We also had a ward party! And Tommy, a less active, came to it! He hadn't been there since he was like 12!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD. His sambo (live together person) and daughter came too. Everyone loved them. It was really happy. :) And we did a skit. It was terrible.... I couldn't stop laughing. But everyone liked it. :) And we had a Christmas concert. Christmas basically already came... haha

BUT YEAH. We also had a Christmas Party at the Strauss's. (Half american, half Japanese) and they invited ALL the ladies we have been teaching english to and we ate a bunch of sushi and other japanese food. We did a white elephant gift exchange and everyone hated my gift hahaha. They were trying to get rid of it. I'll send a picture and you will understand. Hilarious. But anyways, we taught them about the Christmas symbols and connected it all back to Christ and members bore their testimonies and it was really powerful. It's cool to feel the spirit even when you don't understand. And then we gave them all Books of Mormon. I am so happy. :) I could not have had a better week to end my time here. :)

I also went on splits with my beloved Sister Griffes. I love her so much. She is going to Lule√•...hahaha... that'll be fun! 



Syster Stetler

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