Friday, December 18, 2015

Missionary Experience

Hallåååååååå. :)

This week, like others, was full of adventure and a fair share of disappointment. But mostly adventure. It was Sister Beckström's birthday! We had such a fun day. We didn't have much to give so we made her jello and lit candles in it. 'Twas awesome. I love having her as a companion. She's so fun! All we need is for Sister Jacobs to dye her hair red so we can have all three. :) 

So I went on splits to Uppsala and it was really cool. They are having sooooo much success there and I asked why. They got a new bishop and he said that they have always had good missionaries, so that wasn't the problem, but that their ward got 100% home teaching last month and they believe that's because the ward is taking care of each other, the Lord is blessing them with more and more members. I like that reasoning a lot! It's not just the missionaries! The members are a huge contribution to the work! So we are going to work on that as well as our "Missionary Experience". Have you guys looked at that? The members are really liking it! Which is good because it took forever to make haha. We are making a less active version and a kid version too. #experience

It's dark here. And coooooold. But nothing is that bad after Luleå haha. This winter should be pretty mild. GUESS WUT. Sister Jackson is going to LULEÅ!!!!!!!! They got kicked out of their apartment and she is heading up on Wednesday. Craziness! I am so excited for her to go up there and meet everyone and kill it! The area needs her. It's struggling haha. But I'm really sad because I don't know if I will see her for the rest of my mission..... Hopefully we have one last sisters conference before I go home!

Let's see... We went to Nisse's and met his cute cute daughter. I love her! And I met a really cool guy on the street from Estonia. He was really interested and had thought a ton about religion. He was like "Did you feel guided to talk to me because I need a lot of help?" Haha.  

We had Stake Conference this weekend and it was really good. Sara came Saturday! And then we had 5 people say they would come the next day.... Guess how many came? 0. Haha. Next week! But something incredible happened! We had a dinner planned with a family from Peru and they grabbed us and said "Meet Leondel, he just walked in the church and wanted to learn more. He's coming over for dinner" We taught him the restoration and a bit of every other lesson! We ate some amazing food and had a lot of fun. I wish I knew Spanish! The members here are amazing though. 

I'm reading D&C and marking every time I feel the spirit confirm that something is true. It's been interesting to see. I really have to pray and ask for the spirit to be with me during my studies and then pay attention and ask continually to know and distinguish truth. Have you ever read D&C through? It blows my mind haha. I've read a lot about the temple and a lot of prophecies for the future. I also read the story of Job this week. That's a really interesting story! My adjectives are so limited haha... interesting, cool, amazing, ... yeah! PLEASE PRINT OUT MY CHALLENGE AND DO IT! I will be following up haha... I want to know if it helps or if you think it could be better. Let me know! I'll ask again next week. :)

And, as President King would say, (I actually have no idea, I just hear he says this and love him for it) "Every day you don't read the Book of Mormon you put your spiritual life in danger." I can't deny it's true. I would have gone home a looooooooooooong time ago if it wasn't. It's true and brings safety and peace to the soul in a world that is surrounded by darkness and confusion. If you haven't read it, read it! If you have read it, read it daily. 

LOVE YOU GUYS. The gospel is FASCINATING and true.

Syster Stetler

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