Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Sacrament

Hello!!!!!!! Happy last week of January... whenever that happened....

Cute Sister Woolsey left to Örebro. She gave a super great talk in church for her last Sunday. Sister Poulson is fantastic. We work really hard and have already found some people that I am excited to work with. She's from California Tehachapi (Tuh-hatch-uh-pea). She thinks it's hilarious that I am from Elko, NV because her family said that her car has literally broken down every single time she drove through. Hahah. At least she knows where it is! All the Swedes just think I am from Vegas haha.

We watched a really awesome broadcast that was for all missionaries in the WORLD. All of them. It was awesome and really helped a lot. It talked a lot about teaching and how we need to be the tools and let the Spirit be the teacher. I like that idea a lot but it's hard to apply. It takes a lot of focus.

We also started teaching lessons to members and helping them know how to do missionary work. It's really fun, you can feel something so special about these people and their houses. I love the people here! They are so Christlike and willing to serve. I could literally go off forever.

N____ is still doing amazing. She came to church and dinner afterwards. We talked about the Sacrament with her and it helped her and me so much! During the Sacrament I focused so much and felt so much love for the Savior. I also studied the prayers and learned some new things that I haven't thought about before, but it's hard to explain over email and it's kind of deep. But it's about santification and I read a great quote about that from the talk: The Pleasing Word of God "The prophet Brigham Young taught that “when the will, passions, and feelings of a person are perfectly submissive to God and his requirements, that person is sanctified." That lines up with the sacrament prayers. But one thing I realized is that the sacrament is something that so many people are missing. I'll put it this way. When you are looking to buy an apartment you have to talk to the person who owns the building. You rent the apartment, but you can't keep the apartment unless you pay rent every month. The apartment purchase represents baptism and membership in the church, the owner represents the authority or priesthood and the rent is the sacrament. You will not keep the apartment if you don't pay the rent. I have no idea if that makes sense over email, but for me it was a really good realization. It's something that I wish everyone knew about. We can be cleansed from our sins every single week and receive strength to do difficult things and become better. Who wouldn't want that if they fully understood it? It's beautiful and I love church.

We met with ____ and he is not doing so great this week, he is really having a problem with tithing... so maybe you guys can pray for him. We have faith that this is just a setback and that he will still be baptized. But he needs all the help and prayers he can get!

We found a really cute investigator from ____ and she loves training and working out so she is going to hold a class for the young women this week, it will be so fun! Haha

I am still studying desire and it's been great. I decided that I am going to study "Faith in Jesus Christ" next month. It's something I need to strengthen, with "Courage" and "Joy" following soon after.

That's pretty much it for this week, not a lot of stories to tell, but I am still loving it here and giving my all to these last few months! Have the best week ever!!!!!


Syster Stetler

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