Monday, January 12, 2015

Arctic Circle

So first off, I am not used to missionary life, and I had a really hard time with transfers. Elder Archibald was the most loving person ever, and he always inspired me to be better, so that was a bummer but we got the greenie! His swedish is amazing and I am going to work a lot harder on mine haha. Speaking of that, this Sunday was a huuuuuuge turn around for my swedish. I could understand people so much better. I totally followed the lesson and was almost brave enough to contribute haha. This is a big difference from last week when I asked everyone, "When am I ever going to learn swedish?" Everyone does make fun of me though because I can't go back and forth from Swedish to English so well. Oh, and for språk [language study] I literally just translate songs. I can sing every Ed Sheeran and Nate Ruess song in swedish now, so that's useful haha. 

INVESTIGATORS: Heavenly Father blessed us like crazy. So first, Henrik. He made a huge turn around... he was being super argumentative in lessons, and then the next time we met with him he was focused and just soaked them in! Henrik has never come to church while I have been here because he works super late Sat. night and says he can never wake up to get to church. We told him how important it was and were super annoying missionaries haha. HE CAME!!!!!!!!!!! He stayed up all night to come. He is working on the word of wisdom, and he could really use some prayers :)

We are also meeting with the Hu's which is this chinese family that we speak swenglish with, but the language barrier is definitely there. We need Stephen! And then Andrew, who is a Russian eternigator, but he just comes to church every Sunday. He absolutely loves it. We think he can definitely get baptized, he almost seems like a member. (He had been in Russia for a while). We are going to be teaching a friend of the Newells with them, that will be great. And we tracted into a lady who loved us and invited us back. It was the best week ever!

Well as for me, I am great. It snowed for days here, and we played in it one day. I will send pictures! And, we are GOING TO THE ARCTIC CIRCLE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! A senior couple is taking us, Luleå elders, and the STLs. It's going to be so much fun. Get ready for a ton of pictures. 

I love you all! Have a great week! 


Syster Stetler

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