Monday, January 19, 2015

Wall of Faith

Hey Family/Friends!

Investigators/Members: Henry had a bit of a rough week. He had a friend in the hospital and he just seemed down. He didn't meet with us at the end of the week and didn't come to church. Drew got nervous about baptism and didn't want to meet with us this week either, but said he will this coming week. We got blÄsted like 3 times by different people. (blown off/stood up/no show.) We have a few potential investigators that received us really well, so I hope we can teach them more. In one lesson we had the investigator ask, "How do you know it's true? How can you say you KNOW? Especially when you were born in the church?" So we all went around and gave our answer, us and Sister Newell, and it was really powerful. That's a big thing here, everyone thinks if you're born in the church you're just programmed to believe it. I started thinking about this quote:

"Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of faith, and there he must make his stand."

It's true. I have been there. I just know this church is true and it changes peoples lives and brings them joy and peace. It's done it in my life and I have seen it in others. I am so glad I grew up with the gospel and never had to search for it, even if people want to discount what I say because of it. I have had too many experiences to say it's not true. Too many "coincidences" to be explained. I know it's true because of the good found within it.

We went to Zone Konferens this week and it was really good! We had to make a fire in the snow in 5 degree weather because we apparently need to know how to stay warm if something happens. It was really fun, and then we ran around on the frozen ocean. We went back to the chapel and had the spiritual part and my favorite thing that was said was, "It's no coincidence that the Holy Ghost or the Comforter comes when you step out of your comfort zone." I love that thought, and I've seen it happen so many times already. 

Well that was pretty much the week! We are headed to the Arctic Circle tomorrow and I am beyond excited. I'll tell you more about that next week! I love you all so much! Have a great week!

"The Savior has promised angels on our left and our right to bear us up.10 And He always keeps His word."


Syster Stetler

Syster Stetler at Zone Conference building fires and singing hymns. 

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