Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Car Keys


Ok, this week started out really slow, then ended really well! So since Monday is Pday (Preparation Day), the Elders came into Luleå to email and then lost the car keys to the car we share. So..... since they were lost in Luleå, we had to look for them all of Tuesday. It's a dang good thing we found them because it turns out the mission didn't have a spare. So we spent all day asking everywhere. But I really learned a lot that day. We finally found them at the police station. Swedes are very honest people! I was really nervous after having had my car stolen. In other news, we may or may not have dyed Sister Mod's hair... Uh.. Haha. It didn't go so well. But fortunately she got it fixed today and it looks really, really pretty. The week ended well because on Saturday we went tracting to somewhere we had never been before and got let in 3 times. That's unheard of. And one couple was adorable. He was half American and she was from California, and they let us in and invited us back!

Investigators: Henry is meeting with us consistently again. He says he still wants to work towards baptism and he is praying about the time period that he wants to work towards. He is very determined, and if he sets his mind to it I know he can make it happen! Terry is seriously so cool. She told us she was going to be Mormon for a month and follow all the rules, do the entire thing, and if she feels like it's right, she will join. She has such a desire to find truth and find God that she is willing to try a completely new lifestyle. How cool is that? It was totally her suggestion. Andy, the Russian, says he wants to find out if baptism is right for him, but he just loves church, he comes every Sunday. The Hu's are adorable, they started praying! Which was a pretty new concept to them. We seriously teach people from everywhere here, right now we are teaching people from China, Russia, South America, America, Africa, and of course Sweden. I love learning about other cultures! 

That is honestly about it. The week was not that exciting! We made Kladdkaka and it was delicious! It's like brownies but better! And transfer calls come this week, so I am really nervous but I know that the calls are inspired and whatever happens is for the best!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Hej då!

Syster Stetler
Syster Stetler with some children from the Branch

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