Monday, February 23, 2015

Lead me, Guide me

Heeeejjjjj! How's it going??? It sounds like you guys had a good week! I never loved America so much until I came here haha. Don't get me wrong, I love Sweden! But I appreciate home a lot more now. So it's totally warming up! I am so glad, Feb. has been really enjoyable so far. My body has adjusted so much that I don't even get cold until it's below 0. 

Ok, so I hated saying goodbye to Syster Modersitzki. I definitely fought tears when I had to say goodbye to her as she flew to Stockholm and I was by myself for an hour. She has been so great and taught me so much, I know we will always be friends!!! =) BUT my new companion's name is Syster Savage and I aaaaaaaaaaaaabsolutely adore her! She is hilarious and we have been working so hard. It's seriously been the best. She is only a transfer older than me, so we still have to guess with a lot of swedish, but we get by just fine! She is from Mapleton, Utah and she is incredible at singing. The girl is gonna lead the motab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) in a few years, so watch out.

We got to go on the frozen ocean! Oh, it was so fun!! They have sparks, like scooter sleds? I don't think they have them in the states. But you can get going so fast and there are sleds behind them so people can push you! You also can just run and slide. The ice is thick enough they have tractors on it. And you can see the bubbles frozen under the ice. #northerncountries #arehashtagsevenstillathing So Sister Modersitzki said goodbye to everyone, and it made me really sad for whenever I leave! People have a hard time when the missionaries leave.

Investigators: Henry is doing about the same. We really think he has been receiving answers but we are still helping him recognize that and trying to help him have the courage to trust God. We have not been able to meet with Terry, we have an appointment set up with her tonight! We had a good lesson with Andy this week. too. We did a lot of finding work and we had a really cool experience:

So we went tracting in an area where a lot of younger people live, by the University here. (You get paid to go to school here, did I tell you that?) And I was literally just talking about how I always prayed and strived to be worthy of the guidance of the spirit, but I didn't really know if I was being guided or not. So we go and we are talking to this guy and his friend comes in and wants to know who we are and what we are doing. He said he had seen our nametags before when he was in an orphanage and they came and prayed with and for him, he said he felt like that prayer changed his life. He said he was just thinking that he wanted to join a church because he wanted to give back for all the good fortune he had had in his life, and we showed up. "It was you that came, no one else, you're the ones that came." I could feel the spirit so strong as he was talking and just how truly sincere he was. We set up a lesson that night and he accepted everything we taught, and wanted to learn more and more. I can't wait for the next lesson with him, and I was grateful that Heavenly Father confirmed to me that he really is guiding us, and answering all our prayers to lead us to those who are prepared and excited to hear the gospel. It's His work, not ours. 

Also, a spiritual thought. We were teaching this couple and they listened, but told us they just didn't think it could possibly be true. And it hurt to hear that. I really felt like I did my best, to find them, to teach them, to be in line with the spirit, to share my testimony. I was thinking about how Christ must feel with us, because we have our agency. I think I got a taste of what he meant when he said, "What could have been done more to my vineyard that I have not done in it?" That's the question that crossed my mind, but in my own words, "What did I do wrong? What should I have done differently?" Obviously I am not perfect, but Christ is. He did and does everything possible for us and we still go astray. 

I actually said a prayer the other morning to "get to know Christ better" and then I realized a few hours later that I have been, I just haven't realized it. Some of the thoughts that came to mind is I am getting to know him when I keep going in the coldest winds I have ever felt in my life, when I feel super embarrassed because I said something wrong in Swedish, when I share my dearest thoughts and experiences with people and they reject them. It gave me a lot of hope and peace to know that the work I am doing is good, and even if people don't listen or accept, I am becoming closer to my Savior in the process. 
Syster Stetler with her new companion Syster Savage
Well I think that's about it for the week. I will send a few pictures. I love you guys so much and pray for you daily!

Syster Stetler

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