Tuesday, May 26, 2015


HEY! It's raining here a ton too so I know how you feel. I really miss Nevada. But it's beautiful and green, so I guess I need to pay the price. Big news, I went to the temple this week! I went with members and it was super fun. We did two sessions and I did the first one in Swedish and it was super super cool! Then I saw Johan Virtala in the second session (from Luleå) and that was fun to talk to him for just a bit. The temple was sooooo small and adorable! That was the highlight of the week.
Other than that, this week was all about organizing and figuring out how we are going to take over this other area and handle the ward by ourselves. We got asked to help in primary, Sunday school, and young women's haha. So it's been quite a bit of stress, but it was cool to hear how much President and Syster Beckstrand trust us! Let's see, what else was cool? We have gotten FHE to be bigger and a lot more fun! Johnny and two of his friends came and it was a blast! We also had a really great lesson with Alex. We had a translator there, who doesn't come too often either, and it was so good for both of them. Alex is the best! He has had an incredibly hard life and he isn't bitter to God at all. That's really powerful to see. He was going to come to church but he wasn't feeling well. We had a really good lesson with Ben too, and I think the rain held him back from coming. 

It's weird without Sister Giles and only having one companion, it's SUPER quiet now, but Sister Kimball and I do super well together! We are just about always on the same page. She is sooo sweet! I have gotten the best companions. 
This next week is going to be insane. We are going to Borlänge tomorrow, suuuuuper early because the ward mission leader REALLY wants us there with the elders to give a presentation to a school all day. So then we will come back and the next day go to Stockholm.... again. I feel like I go there every week. And then we have workovers (the STLs coming and going on splits with us, both here in Gävle) because we have so much we want to get done. It's going to be insane, but great! 
Just a spiritual thought, I remember Reed told me that President King said that if you go one day without reading the Book of Mormon, you put your spiritual safety in danger, or something like that. And I have found it to be true, not that mine is in danger, but there is a power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon that I don't receive from studying ANYTHING else, even good things. I always feel SO much better when I just read every single day. So I will encourage you all to do the same! 
I love you all =)
Syster Stätler

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