Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You Nose Better...

HEY FAM! It's been raining here a ton too. Not my favorite at all. And the running trail sounds super fun :) Question.... who is running for president? There is a bunch of political stuff happening around here and I was wondering! I have heard a little bit. 

THIS WEEK. WAS great. And stressful and busy. But nonetheless, great. So... a play by play... MONDAY we did our best to proselyte because we wanted to make up for all the time we spent traveling to the temple. So we met with a few people and did family home evening, we made Swedish pancakes and it was super fun! Our ward mission leader was just dying at how bad I am at cooking. He taught me how to not cut my fingers off haha. TUESDAY we went to Borlänge at like 5 in the morning and gave a bunch of presentations to a high school with the elders there. It was fun and scary. We said like two words and they were like, "you guys aren't from Sweden." Haha. But it went well. Then we came back and had the third worst lesson I have had as a missionary. Sweden sometimes sucks your soul. Like a vacuum. WEDNESDAY we went to Gubbängen in Stockholm for zone training and that was incredible. Just what I needed! And it was fun to see everyone. THURSDAY we had workovers, so Syster Modersitzki and King came up and we went on splits, both here in Gävle. The rest of the week was normal, but we were super exhausted from all the traveling. We shouldn't have to do any this week so that'll be good.
This week was fun, though. We met some new people, and I love doing that. I love being with Syster Kimball. She is SOOOO nice and loving. She is a great missionary too! We are always on the same page. Neither of us want to leave....ever. Alex came to church! He is the besssssst. We love him so much. He liked it a lot and stayed the whole time. Another investigator came! I just met her for the first time at church, but she said she had an experience where she felt like she was supposed to come to this specific church, and she has a desire to be baptized. We are really excited to meet with her! We had another really positive lesson, a guy who just said he wanted to be as happy as us, that he could see how happy we were. We had a lesson with Johnny too. I just love that kid so much. He just is so confused, he wants to know if there is a God and what will happen after this life. Please pray for him, he is the best!
I LOVE YOU GUYS! Have the best week ever. =)
Syster Stetler

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