Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bruno Mars Concert


Not all too much to say this week! It was a lot of blåsts and rainy days. But a couple of cool things happened, let's see.

On Monday we had a HUGE volleyball tournament with all the missionaries in Stockholm! It was SO fun. We didn't do very good though, and a couple of my teammates were pretty crushed when we lost haha. But tons of fun to see everyone! 

Oh, there was a gigantic Gay Pride parade. There are rainbow flags EVERYWHERE. We had our window open and I honestly thought there was a Bruno Mars concert going on. Just super loud music and screaming and people dressed up.... It was interesting haha. I will send a video I took of it.

Aldad dropped us. We met with Henok, from Africa, and he was really positive, but we don't have any materials in his language. So.... that's a bummer. But we are really struggling to find investigators. We got three numbers on Sunday and we get tons of referrals but we just haven't been able to make anything happen. We are really trying to work with the members and invite them to work with us, so that's the focus right now. Still trying to build everything up! But some good things are happening with less actives! We are working with a girl named Karina, and she is so cute. She is Chilean and has a really small baby! She came to church and it was so great. We are also working with Soledad! She is also from Chile. (Basically just continuing Zach's mission....) She came to church for the first time in a year! We helped her bring her kids and they are soooo cute. She has a 7 year old boy that sat next to me in Sacrament and kept whispering that he didn't want to be there, so we definitely did some drawing and played some games and became good friends. Super cute. 

Elder Aabo is getting a greeeeenie! We are so excited, we will have two greenies in the ward. :) He is gonna be all messed up from Elder Aabo's Norwegian accent haha. I'm starting to dread transfers because you see so many friends go home! I feel like I've definitely made some lifelong friends! Missionaries, members, and especially investigators. 

As far as studies, I've still been studying healing, and I am learning a lot! I can't even express my gratitude for the Savior. The more I understand about the Atonement and apply it in my life, the more love I have for other people. I talked to a couple that were clearly tangled up in drugs on a subway the other day and it just broke my heart. I just want to talk to everyone and let them know how great the gift of the Atonement is, even though I know my understanding is still so limited. All I want is to understand more fully! I also really liked this video and you guys should watch it!

Love you guys so much! I'm sorry I didn't have too much to say,

Syster Stetler

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