Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Missionary Next Door

ERIK GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'll send pictures. He's the Swede from Gävle that was SO READY! :)

Well this was another very exciting week in Stockholm.... This week consists of blank days and stomach aches. I really didn't feel good all week and we really didn't have a ton of success, but it still had some good things!

So we went to the Vasa on Monday, it was pretty cool! I am terrible at museums though, I get bored pretty fast... But it's an old war ship from the 1600s that they spent a ton of effort on and made it reeeeeeal fancy, and it sunk like 5 minutes into their journey #embarrassing.... So for some reason it took like 300 years to find it, even though it was a quick boat ride out from the shore. I'm not really sure about the details, they had a video but for some reason it was in Spanish. #sweden 

Tuesday was slightly more interesting, we had zone conference. It was really good, we learned all about the history of the mission in Sweden then talked about Becoming a Preach my Gospel Missionary from Elder Bednar. I love that talk, I knew it from when the Elders in Elko burned CDs on our computer and that was left on there. (Speaking of that, whenever you send a package can you send the talk "The Missionary Next Door" by that girl that talks about member missionary work? If it could be somehow sent through the computer that would be cool too. I just want to hear some of that stuff as we are working on member missionary work) But anyways, I love that talk. It was cool too because Elder Sahlin is Swedish and he just thanked us for helping his people and doing what we do. I love the people here they just need to let me love them haha. Also, I tried to contact a girl on a tunnelbana (Subway) and Sister Jackson completely fell on her lap due to a hasty stop. She didn't appreciate it.

Wednesday we taught English to four Japanese ladies #shoutouttoAisa. I love teaching English. We are working on making that way bigger, I think it's our best chance to meet people! Afterwards, Aisa took us to a Japanese buffet. It was really good! I can't tell you how many Asian buffets I have been to as a missionary, especially in Stockholm. I don't know what it is, but if you want to find the missionaries in Stockholm, hit up an Asian buffet. Seriously, any Asian country. 

We also ate Chilean food again with the Cordovas! It was incredible, as always. And I got a whole history lesson on Chile. I seriously love their family so much! Brother Cordova reminds me of dad. A Chilean version haha.

The rest of the week was finding and working on our plan for working with members better. Our idea: Family Mission Plan. We are meeting with everyone that will have us and having them fill this plan out that we made. I'll attach it. You guys should do it too! I guess I'll just get started with my rant on this because it's inevitable and I can feel it coming haha. I was thinking a lot about my mission, what's been successful, what hasn't been... and what God wants me to learn and do on my mission. I only have 7 months left... And I thought about that story that you guys probably know about how God told a man he was supposed to push a rock and he pushed and pushed and got stronger and then got really upset that it never moved and God told him that he was just supposed to push. In a lot of ways that's how I've felt. I've pushed, and I can keep pushing. I don't mind it... And I've gained a lot personally. But God called me and other missionaries here to move the rock, not just push it. But Syster Jackson and I can't do it by ourselves so we are recruiting the help of the members and relying on God as much as possible. There are INCREDIBLE promises made to Sweden about missionary work, not to mention the entire world. Don't make the missionaries push alone!!!!! It's very noble to serve a mission and give it everything you have and get stronger and better because of it, but if we can move the rock we should! It's going to take everyone.

I love you guys! I love the gospel. I am studying the Atonement and truly learning what it means to repent and come unto Christ and there is nothing sweeter in this world. 


Syster Stetler

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