Sunday, September 6, 2015

What even happened this week?

Hey! I hope you all had a great week! :)

This week I went on splits! They were pretty fun. I went with Sister Kam-oh-wo-hah. She is from Hawaii and she looks like a little Hawaiian Barbie. We went to Uppsala and it was super fun because it's all college students so you can just walk around and talk to people and they are all super open to talking! 

Other than that, not much really happened. We are going to start having all the members do a "family mission plan". It's gonna be great to get to know the members better and get some help with missionary work!

We just keep on finding.... we are really hoping that we can set up some lessons this week... but, the future is bright. Transfers are coming up and I really don't want to go... I feel like I haven't been here long enough to improve things at all.

AH! I am sorry this email is so bad, I just really don't have anything to tell... I'll keep thinking though and maybe add more.


Syster Stetler

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