Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference (Part 2)

Hey family! 

Wow. Conference was soooo good. I haven't watched the last session yet, but the other 3 were amazing! I really, really want to go back through and study a lot of things. :) What did you guys think? What stood out? What did you learn? What hit you hard? For me, I would say honestly, that I saw a lot of ... not desperation... but emphasis in their voice. We watched all of them on a really big screen and I really felt like they were just staaaaaaaaaaring into my eyes and speaking with their entire hearts and souls. Testifying with all they had. That was the biggest thing I noticed. But I also noticed a lot about women... why? That was so interesting! Also, a lot about how we need, NEED to have the Holy Ghost with us constantly. We need to have a very clear and open channel with our Heavenly Father if we are going to make it in the times ahead. I always thought the topic of "Sabbath Day" was literally the most boring topic ever, because what can be said about it more than do's and don'ts? Not true at all. Church and sacrament meeting (fulfilling/receiving the benefits from baptismal covenants, receiving a remission of our sins, receiving strength from Christ to continue....) will carry us through any challenge that comes. I never really realized that before. It had a way different emphasis than I have seen before. We should all go through these talks and make constant goals to come closer to God every day. I felt a lot of urgency in the message... emphasized on women, mothers, and youth, especially. 

Other than that, the second harvest started a few days ago! Haha. I was on splits and we got 6 numbers. It was a good day! 

I love you guys so much! It's time to deepen our understanding and turn to Christ! The gospel is true! I felt it be confirmed to me over and over during conference. The church brings safety! 


Syster Stetler

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