Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hey guys!!! Guess what.... I dyed my hair! I'm a brunette now haha.... Guess what else??? I have 6 months left. How weird is that??? I don't even know how I feel..

But this week was great! STUFF IS FINALLY HAPPENING. We met with a guy named Harry that we met with when Sister Jackson and I first got here. He is really positive! We had a great lesson with him with 2 members. Also! We met with Nathan and his family. They're adorrrrrrable. We taught them the restoration and they have been reading the Book of Mormon. He has come to church/conference 3 weeks in a row. Also, Jonathon is still introducing us to all of his friends and teaching them about the gospel. He is seriously incredible... If every member was like him we'd have SOOOOO many people join the church. He has so much faith and really prays for these opportunities. We are so thankful for him! Debra is also GREAT. She had us come over and said she wanted to get back on board with helping the missionaries. She is having us over once a week and she asked for 2 Books of Mormon today! MEMBERS ARE THE ANSWER. We are excited to see what comes. :) Our ward is incredible. They are serving each other, holding Family home evenings for investigators/less actives. And I can think of at least 6 people that I know of that are really trying to share the gospel with their friends. I'm happy. :)

We also worked a ton on English class! We have new people coming! I'm super excited :) and we are doing a Halloween party in a few weeks. We have enough Americans to convince the Swedes to party. I don't know why they wouldn't want to spend the night surrounded by people in costumes, eating hand shaped food, and scaring each other in our place of worship. There's really no reason...

Well... I think that was the week :) we need to talk more about Conference.

Two spiritual thoughts: 

First, conference is over :( My first "ponderize" scripture was James 1:22 "Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only." I was reflecting back on an experience in the MTC when I was with a sister missionary. She wasn't feeling very good and we were going to go to the hospital on a Sunday night. I was feeling pretty upset, because I thought maybe Elder Holland might show up the one night I wasn't at the devotional. I expressed my frustration to Reed and he said "Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only." It really didn't mean much to me then, but as I was thinking about Conference... I realized I really LOVE to hear the word (I made a countdown to conference..) but I don't know how well I "do" or act on the words. It's all for nothing if we don't change because of the words we heard. There were a lot of themes, so what are your goals? What spoke to you? How will you be more Christlike? For me, I heard over and over again that I need to have a STRONG line of communication with God... I need to pray often and sincerely, and be clean and prepared to receive revelation. I did the "What lack I yet?" question as well. Answer: read the Book of Mormon eeeeevery day. I love you guys! The world is getting scary and confusing. Cling to truth and make sure you are moving forward, no matter the pace.

"The person standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up is better off than the person at the top looking down."


Syster Stetler

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