Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I was born in a small town


We had a really good week! This place is crazy! I can't believe how willing people are to listen. So we met Jeffrey! Sister Giles was singing an Ed Sheeran song, and she is SUPER good, and I heard this young guy start singing along quietly so I sat by him and asked him if he liked Ed Sheeran and we got talking and I explained that we were missionaries and all, and gave him our number. So he texted us and we asked if he could teach him, and he said he didn't believe in God and didn't want to meet... so we invited him to inneboende (it's like floor hockey)  and he said he would like to come! So he came, and he just loved the Elders and thought they were so cool. So we taught him the Restoration, and then he showed up to church! He stayed for all the meetings and in Sunday school Mihail taught the Plan of Salvation which was so powerful because he is this INCREDIBLE convert, and he had Jeffrey read a part and he said "This feels familiar". So he's great! He told us a little later that I made him super super nervous and made his heart rate go up just by sitting down and talking to him because Swedes talk to each other as little as possible.
We had another good lesson with this guy named Danny, he is from Norrland so he talks like me! He is a tattoo artist and used to be into drugs and is super cleaned up now, and he is super interested in the topics of repentance and what will happen after we die and our lesson with him went really well. He is interested in the idea of baptism and being clean from his sins.
I met a member who came up to me after I gave my testimony in church and said, "Where in Nevada are you from?" "Elko" "You're joking, I was an exchange student there for a year in the 80's." WHAT A SMALL WORLD. I literally couldn't believe it. 

What else? I spoke in church. I said, "Every time I pray, God answers me" but I almost said, "Every time I pray, God inconveniences me." So that was a close call haha. We thought of some really good ideas for this area, and new things to try, so I will let you know how that goes next week. I love it here. We got 9 lessons in one day just by splitting up and talking to people on the street. I feel like there is a lot of work to be done here and I am really excited for the rest of my time here.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Syster Stetler

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