Thursday, April 9, 2015

Three by Three

HELLO. Happy Easter! Happy Conference! Easter was really fun here, but definitely not the same as at home. They seriously celebrated like all of Easter week, which is incredibly ironic with how atheist this country is. The Swedes love their holidays, they really milk them out. And they sure love partying. But anyways, they eat the same foods for Christmas and for Easter so we had "Christmas ham" and a lot of fish and potatoes. Super yummy! Also, we did a little Easter egg hunt, but they don't do little eggs, they do one huge one. CONFERENCE. I am seriously heartbroken about it. I have not been able to watch hardly any of it because of the timing and distractions. But I had a really great experience, where I read scriptures and wrote questions with conference in mind, and President Eyring, the first talk, answered a lot of my questions and quoted scriptures I had been looking up. God speaks through his prophets. Of that, I have no doubt. I hope you all had a great experience, and I will be watching what I missed this week.
GÄVLE. I think I sent the wrong pronunciation, Yeh-vleh, with the emphasis on the YEH. It just pains me to think you could be pronouncing it Gahvul haha. This place is something else. It looks a lot like a mini Stockholm to me, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The people are really friendly here... like... too friendly. It's awesome that they will stop and talk to you, but sometimes it's not the church that they are interested in. It's a struggle. My companions are hilarious. They could not be more opposite. Syster Giles is a surfer from southern California and is this crazy black girl who has so much energy. She got her whole head braided yesterday for the first time haha. And Syster Kimball is from Utah, and loves reading, sleeping, and studying. I am the bridge between their personalities, I would say. It is really fun, which is good because I was really nervous about a tripanionship. The ward here is incredible. BUT THEY FEED US WAY TOO OFTEN. This is an area where everyone gets chubby, and I really don't want that. I will have to be careful. Where do I even start? I met Michaell when I first got here, and he has the most incredible conversion story! It's his birthday today and he said he was going to teach us kung-fu, he used to be a fighter. We went to Anna's house.... She is crazy. So first of all, her whole house is decorated with a billion cats, and there is cat hair everywhere. But she loves practical jokes. She got me with a shock pen and she has a fake camera watergun. She tickled my feet and played footsie with me.. Everyone else was fairly normal, in comparison. It's just so fun here, the ward is so united. We do family home evening, we grilled hot dogs last night. I love it here, but my first night I was SO homesick for Luleå. I still do miss it up there, and knowing everyone and how to get everywhere. The dialect is quite a bit different here and it's a little frustrating sometimes, trying to understand. I catch 75% of what people are saying I would guess. And I get told that my pronunciation is really good, but I just don't have a very big vocabulary still. I am trying to think of what I am missing, this week was a blur. I think that might be all I have, and I will send some pictures! I love you all so much!
Syster Stetler 

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