Monday, April 20, 2015

One year kvar

 This week is a weird blur, my time here is just flying! I burned tights! For my six months! It was SO FUN!!!! I have pictures.

Remember Phillip? The teenager? He texted us and said he had a lot of questions for us, and so we met with him and you could just see that something was bothering him a ton. He asked us a lot of normal questions and how we could possibly believe in the Book of Mormon. He just looked so concerned and confused, and it was so hard to watch him go back into the world, he's just so young and the world is so confused, especially here in Sweden. People have good morals here, but they are just so far from God. So he texted us and said he didn't think there was any way it could be true. We are still in touch with him and hope we can help him as his friends!
We met this guy named Peter! I contacted him and he was like "Do you drink coffee? Tea?" So we reluctantly followed him into a coffee shop and he just sits down and tells us how interested he is in religion and asked us really, really good questions! He said he is atheist, and that means that he doesn't believe in a religion because he has never found one that makes sense, but he is open. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with him and he seemed to become really good friends with Mihail. We also taught two guys who don't speak Swedish or English. Pause, do you guys know about how bad the language barrier is here? We take with us like 25 books of Mormon in probably 10 different languages when we go contacting. It's amazing that before we pick the books out we look at the shelf in prayer, and we meet the Thai family to give the Thai book to, and so on. It's incredible. Anyways, we literally google translated everything, and have a translator for next time!
We went to sisters conference and it was so fun! It was all Wizard of Oz themed, and it was a blast to see everyone! It was really inspiring and I had an interview with President Beckstrand, that was really nice to talk to him! I have so much respect for him, he is so loving and inspired. It's really fun to be closer to Stockholm because there are so many more missionaries around here and it's fun to see some people that I haven't seen for so long, and we see President so much more, too. But there are a bunch of dying (old) missionaries here and it just brings the mood down. I am so glad my companions are young and energetic and excited about the work.
So, we also got bikes! It is SO fun and it improved my mood a lot, I really missed some aerobic exercise. Syster Giles ate it in town on day one. It was bound to happen.  We see this family and she just turns to me and says, "I LOVE INTERRACIAL COUPLES!", but she accidentally turned her handlebars towards me and just flipped over her bike. I was DYING. Hahah. Also, an Elder showed us this 100 push up challenge and we do that every day. Kind of random, but it seemed like a necessary piece of information to share. OK! I think that's it for me. I love you all so much! Ha det bra!
Syster Stetler
(Did I tell you my nickname somehow turned out to be Stetbot? Weird haha.)

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